Baked Beets in Coconut Oil with Brown Sugar

Baked Beets in Coconut Oil

Serves 4 – 6


4 – 6 big beets
1 tsp coconut oil for each beet
Salt & ground Pepper
Brown sugar is optional


Clean and peel the beets, and then slice, cube or fry cut them.  In a bowl mix together the coconut oil and the beets.  Add a little salt & pepper, but only a few shakes.  You can always salt them more later if you feel you need too, but it’s more the sweetness we’re going for in this dish.

Pour them into an oven safe dish and bake at about 375° for about 30 minutes.  More if you want them real soft.  Personally, I prefer them soft but firm.   Take them out and stir them around the coconut oil to make sure they’re well coated to enhance the coconut oil flavor.  If you want them a bit sweeter you can sprinkle the top with brown sugar.

I did these as an experiment.  They are so simple to make and tasty that there must be some previous recipe out there somewhere like this one.   If not then Hurray, Jan!

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