This page is going to be full of links to my favorite websites and documentaries that pertain to backyard farming, organic gardening, composting, nutrition, food preservation, chickens, rabbits, sustainability, perma-culture, factory farming, local agriculture, survivalism, etc…

Favorite Documentary & Movie Links


Favorite Permaculture Links
Since Dave Holmgren is the co-originator, along with Bill Mollison, of the Permaculture concepts, then this would probably be one of the first sites to go to get started if you want to learn about Permaculture.  It is packed with resources.
This website is one of the first to go to for a thorough understanding of the principles of Permaculture.  The principles are even available in French, Spanish and Portuguese.
This website is from The Institute that was founded by Scott Pittman who co-taught for 6 years with the founder of Permaculture, Bill Mollison.  This site shows how widespread the Permaculture movement is throughout the world.  It’s packed with resources.   If you want the entire 155 page PDF document  by Mollison called “Introduction to Permaculture”, you can download it free at:
This is a great informational website not just for us locals in Eugene, Oregon, but everyone can learn a lot more about all aspects of permaculture from the various voices of the guild members and many others in this site.  Contains an event calendar also.
Go to this site to subscribe to the magazine.  You’ll also find tons of information, articles, books, resources and items to shop for. What I really found interesting was the Earth Clock on the About Page.  Be prepared for sensory overload.  There’s so much here it’s easy to get lost.   I like their purpose statement:

Our purpose is to supply information which enables people everywhere to provide for their own & their communities’ needs for food, energy, shelter, & a decent life without exploitation or pollution & from the smallest practical area of land.
This website page is from the Natural Sustainable Agriculture Information Service .  The Introduction to permaculture: Concepts and Resources really breaks it down in an organized manner if you want to understand the concepts and applications of permaculture without all the other commercial clutter you get on other websites.

Favorite Composting Links
Must go to this website!  It will route you to almost anything you need to know about composting and related subjects.
I love this website. It’s so clear, uncluttered and full of great links to all kinds of instructional articles and websites covering a wide range of gardening topics from composting, to soil enrichment, to roses, and you name it.
Thank goodness for the internet and all these great websites full of helpful guides for gardening and composting!  This is also a great website with the best links to other websites.  Check out:   10 Tips for Making Better Compost at
I love these farmers who want to share their years of experience and expertise with the rest of us so we don’t have to go out and buy books.  I also love seeing photos of other people’s gardens and farms.
This is a great compost table to refer to if you want to know which materials are good nitrogen and carbon sources.  This page shows an easy and inexpensive way to assemble a compost bin out of pallets or wood if you have the room in your yard.   And, check out the following to see what a wide range of compost bins are for sale on the market if you have the money and don’t have a lot of space:

Check out this page for a good idea on composting indoors when you have limited space.   There are many other outstanding links on this page too.  If you’re ready to get into vermicomposting and worms check this page out at:

 Favorite Chicken Website Links
If you want a really useful guide on what mistakes NOT to make when building a chicken coop, you can download a free guide from Andrew.  His posts are full of good advice on chicken coops, chicken care, and other subjects.  He’ll email you regular posts which are really good.  This is another example of a person who loves chickens and wants to share his love. I’m so glad I found this site.
I love what this gal from Portland has done with her website.  She is a very good chicken photographer too!   You can tell that this website is a labor of love.  This is the kind of neighbourhood website that I appreciate.  Neighbours sharing with neighbours.  Check out her “Henhouse of the Month” page:
Here is another neighbourhood type website started by a couple in New Mexico.  They are in the process of trying to get others to contribute educational and other ideas to the website.  I appreciate the grassroots, local community feel to these types of websites as opposed to the larger, corporate style websites.  Although the larger commercialized websites have a lot to offer, they seem more focused on profits than education and supporting the small urban backyard farmers. This couple’s intent is to organize urban chicken keepers worldwide and to educate the local public and teach urban chicken keeping classes.  Fantastic!
This is the mother of all chicken websites!  All the information and resources you think you might need you can probably find on this website, not to mention a community forum and all kinds of good advice offered by chicken lovers everywhere.
This website contains a well organized products and supply list as well as other information on breeds and raising chickens.  I like this website because it’s well organized and not so cluttered.
This is supposed to be one of the premier websites for raising chickens.  Definitely packed with lots of good free articles.  Also a forum, and lots of advertising. Their mission is “to make the poultry hobby accessible to everyone to help people worldwide experience the joy of a self-sufficient lifestyle.”
This is a community blog from a group in Vancouver B.C.  I like it because it’s a blog and they have a good list of chicken related websites on this page.  Their objective is to promote responsible care of urban chickens. It’s refreshing to go to a blog that isn’t packed with advertising.
Fantastic chicken keeping resources and links on this website.  I love these people’s chicken coops too.
I like this website by the company who publishes the bi-monthly magazine called “Backyard Poultry”  who promote more and better raising of small-scale poultry.  The website not only has free, interesting and informative articles on the care of chickens, but the photos are great!  I like the way ordinary people have written the articles, and I like seeing what people are doing in there own yards.  Some of these articles are really unusual, like “How to Build Your Own Chicken Plucker”!  The magazine looks so good I might just subscribe!

Survivalist & Self-Reliance Website Links

There are hundreds of websites and forum communities out there that provide information and opinions on survivalism and preparedness on the internet, but few of them are as practical and well organized for the average American family as Captain Dave’s at Captain Dave’s offers a comprehensive and extremely interesting “how to” website on survivalism. It covers a wide range of survival topics and doesn’t come off as fanatic and paranoid.  Captain Dave gives sound advice and very practical instructions and guidance. His website isn’t cluttered with advertising (one of my pet peeves) and it’s well organized.
I met these people from Gold Beach, Oregon at the Good Earth Home Show in Eugene, and I was very impressed with their publications and what they are doing in Gold Beach.  I can’t believe I never heard about them before.  They’ve been publishing Backwoods Home Magazine: Practical Ideas for Self-Reliant Living for over 20 years.  The content of their magazines and other publications are packed full of every kind of article imaginable that pertains to self-reliant living and survivalism as well as political and economic analysis.  I immediately subscribed to the bi-monthly magazine and will eventually order more back issues.
This website  (Survival and Self-Reliance Studies Insitute) is quite comprehensive and is loaded with links.  It’s one of those website you could stay on for days just linking to all the other sites searching for endless amounts of information on self-reliance and survivalism.  Easy to get lost, but interesting.
I like websites like this because it is more down home.  If you want to know more about “the lost art of basic human survival”, the knowledge that our ancestors had to know to survive, then this site has some good articles and some good links, especially if you grow your own food.
A list of links to disaster forums, endless shopping sites, endless articles & lists, and an overwhelming amount of advertising may be helpful to some people, but I feel that a lot of these websites are overwhelming and full of confusing choices, fanatical ideas and fear mongering.  Not all of them offer a wide range of topics that are laid out in a practical and organized way for an average American family.  I’d rather spend my time in my garden than on the internet, so I need practical advice that I can put into practice easily like the kind found at .

The best video I’ve seen so far that shows the many changes that “could” take place and how we should choose to respond to these changes to create a better world can be found on the website called  The video is called “The Quickening”,  and it’s 1:16 minutes long.  It is very entertaining and thought provoking.  It looks at what our response as human beings on a spiritual level should be to the disasterous world and planetary events that might take place in the near future.  Instead of responding in fear which pits one group against the other, let’s look at these events as a way to unite as one in LOVE instead of FEAR.  I’d really recommend watching it.  The other videos are interesting too, but of course everything should be taken with a grain of salt.

More links to come on the following subjects:

Sustainable Living
Organic Gardening
Food Politics
PACs Political Action Committees for sustainable agriculture & local farmers

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