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Welcome to my Garden Recipes Page!  My goal with this section is to share some of my favorite recipes with family and friends. Many of the recipes will contain ingredients from the garden.  Eventually I hope to get enough recipes together to offer an online cookbook.  The market is already inundated with cookbooks, and they are a dime a dozen, so this one will be primarily for family & friends and anyone who wants it.  The best thing about online recipes is that you can pick out your favorites and avoid adding more books to your bookcase!

Vegetables and fruits can be so beautiful to look at, so I want to put up photos to accompany the recipes. I’m thinking about organizing the recipes not only into the traditional categories, but I’m also thinking about categorizing recipes into particular vegetables from the garden.   I may add some personal antedotes, and then some links to my favorite websites that give the best information on how to grow the vegetable or fruit, and preserve it.  I haven’t decided for sure yet.  It is still in the planning stages and may go through a lot of changes as I go along.   It takes a long time to work on recipes, because it requires a lot of cooking and working with recipes to to get them to the point where I think they’re worth posting. When you don’t cook meals more than a couple times a week, that slows things down.

My Recipe Index will be in the side bar to the right, and under each topic I hope to have quite a few recipes to offer.  Each time I upload a new recipe under a new catagory, it will appear in the side bar.  It will probably take me several years at least to get up a substantial number of recipes, so I hope you’ll check back later to see what progress I’ve made.

When it comes to nutrition and food preferences, I’m pretty much a hard liner when it comes to choosing unprocessed and organic foods in my personal diet.  Most of the recipes I will be uploading will reflect those preferences and values.  Not only will most of my recipes contain mostly  unprocessed ingredients, but most of the recipes will be easy to make to accomodate a busy lifestyle and a limited budget. If a recipe has ingredients that are hard to find and even harder to pronounce, chances are it won’t be the kind of recipe I’ll be cooking!  I leave that up to the gourmet cooks. I’ll probably also be guilty of putting up a lot of fattening comfort food recipes, but to be honest, I don’t eat much dairy and animals myself.

When I’m eating “normal” , and not on a special health improvement program that eliminates certain foods, I would say that anything is allowable in my kitchen as long as it’s unprocessed, organic, preferably locally raised & grown, and there isn’t any MSG, transfats and GMO ingredients in it.   On rare occasions I’ll make an exception to the rule if it’s an essential ingredient, and I can’t find it organic.  Fortunately, almost everything now-a-days is available in organic.  Many of my recipes will contain dairy and meat, but when I do cook with animal products they are usually organic and free range and hopefully humanely butchered, although that’s probably not possible.

The reasons I prefer not to eat meat has to do with health, environment and animal cruelty for the most part.  Once I saw the You Tube video below, I knew then and there that I would probably never eat animals again unless I know that they are humanely raised, free range, organic and butchered in the least abusive way possible.  As Oprah used to say, “once you know better, you do better”.  I knew there was some animal cruelty involved in the killing and slaughter of the animals we eat from factory farms, but I had no idea about most of it.  Once I saw this video it changed me forever, and it continues to haunt me today.  I can no longer be in denial about eating factory farm animals.  It’s painful to watch, but I think everyone should see it so they can make more responsible choices about the foods they eat.

Farm to Fridge – The Truth Behind Meat Production

To start with, the catagories I’ll introduce recipes for will be:

Vegetables Dishes
Rice Dishes
Fish & Shellfish
Veggie Salads
Fruit Salads
Salsa and Dips
Sweet Treats

As I progress, the index will increase to include other catagories.  If you have any really healthy, tasty and easy recipes that you and your family enjoy, I would love it if you would share them with me.  Email me at

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