Winter Lights & Winter Garden 2013

Winter Lights & Winter Garden 2013

Inspirational Moment: The Rebirth of Light
By Dr. Maxine Kaye

Then spoke the child: “I am come to bring peace, I am the child of joy, and to all who will, I give life. I am formed of happiness. I am come from the eternal stillness. Quietness and confidence are mine. In the heart of the One I have lived forever.”

~ Dr. Ernest Holmes

From the Universal Allness, the Mystic Christ is born again and again,
revealing Its magnificence in and through all sentient beings.
I am a willing and essential instrument through which this new birth
is now manifesting in my life and on the earth.
This Radiant Light brings new hope, fresh possibilities,
and elevated vision to all humankind. Happily receptive to the Divine influx,
I am truly born again through the Eternal Presence of this Reality.
Grateful to be the vehicle through which this Light shines forth,
I allow myself to be a catalyst for the flourishing of understanding,
compassion, peace, and love in the world.
Forever alive and aware, the Presence of the Christ clothes Itself
in human form to all who yearn for this Infinite Love,
and I eagerly embrace the Presence that is eternally embracing me.
I am so grateful to share this Light with all who seek it,
as I allow Love to show me the way and Grace to inform my intentions
throughout this sacred season. My thankful heart rejoices in the beautiful Light
and delights in the Law of Mind which reveals this precious Love,
as I release my word with trust.

And so it is.


This will be my last post for 2013.

I wanted to post a few photos from the snow we had the second and third week of December.  The snow greeted us Friday morning, December 6th, much to the ecstatic delight of my son, Joshua, and then there was no school until the following Friday because of the snow covered icy roads.   We ended up getting over 5 inches of snow the first day, and then a little more later.   It’s snowed a few times since we moved here 13 years ago, but it never stuck around for this long.



My chickens also decided that the snow and freezing temperatures justified them not coming down from their roosting area for 5 days.  Since it was so cold they wouldn’t even come down to the floor of the coop where I had their food and water on a nice comfortable bed of straw, so I had to keep a small bowl of food and water up in the roosting area for 5 days until they finally ventured down the ladder.  To keep down the wind chill factor I decided to wrap a tarp around the sides of the coop.  That also helps keep it dry inside.  I think I’ll leave it up there for a while longer in case it snows again.



I’m sure the hens had about as much cabin fever as I had that week not being able to wander about in the garden.  At least it gave me an opportunity to finish painting the last of my baseboards, window frames and doors that have remained unfinished since last December!   With all that done I can gear up now for my next project which will be to build a floor to ceiling bookcase in my living room.


So, as I end this post I say goodbye to 2013.  In less than 5 days we will be ringing in the New Year 2014, and I for one am looking forward to it!  New beginnings, new intentions, new resolutions and a symbolic time to let go of the old baggage and limitations of the past and open up our hearts and minds to new potentialities in the future.  I am ready to let go of the limited beliefs that have held me back.  I embrace experiences filled with Love, joy, abundance, creativity, purpose, and meaning!  I approach all relationships with Love, compassion, forgiveness, non-judgement, patience, kindness and understanding. I embody health and wellness every day by practicing good habits and nurturing my body with exercise and nutrition.  I begin each day with gratitude and end each night with gratitude.  I recognize that every day is a new opportunity to celebrate life’s blessings and continue to discover the truth of who I am as a spiritual being and a child of God.





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