Weeds and Vinegar

Weeds & Vinegar

I’d heard and read about using vinegar as a method for weed control, but for some reason I was a latecomer to fully understanding its qualities and benefits.  After the struggle I’ve had for years to keep the weeds down on my brick patio and paths, I decided to give it a try.  I was especially desperate to find a better solution after using Roundup last year, which does work well, but it bled into the pathway beyond the patio and killed all the grass.  When you are an organic gardener and grower for the most part, using Monsanto’s Round Up made me feel like I was a traitor to the earth and the anti Monsanto community.

Vinegar isn’t something you can use indiscriminately on everything.  It will kill or retard anything it touches.  It’s more a good organic solution to walkways and patios.  If I were to go around spraying the dandelions in my yard, it may only retard their growth and leave my lawn areas looking funny with a bunch of brown spots.  It isn’t a final solution either.

Especially in the spring, when everything is in full sprouting mode, you will need to spray once and then spray again a month later.  Hopefully, once the summer heat hits, it will keep the rest of the weeds from sprouting up through the cracks.

The best thing about vinegar, besides its non-toxic qualities, is that it’s cheap; barely $2.50 a gallon if you get it on sale.  The photos in this post show the before and after effects of spraying vinegar on the weeds that were poking up through the cracks in my patio.

This week, a month after the first application, I’ll be spraying again.  The next time I find a good sale on vinegar, I will definitely be stocking up.  This week I’ll be trying it on some dandelions in my lawn to observe how it works on those.  There will be a follow-up post later with an account of the results.


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