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Chicken Massacre

I woke up the other morning to an awful sight!  Out of my six chickens, two were killed and two were missing.  I now only have two hens left!  I’m pretty sure the racoons are back.  For the last two years I’ve let my chickens run free and never shut them in their coop with no
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Converting lawn areas into food growing areas is only one aspect of permaculture.  For me it is one of the most practical and rewarding ways to begin a lifestyle that reflects the principals of sustainable living that I am striving for.  Many of us on a tight budget cannot afford to invest in the environmental
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My Blog

This is my first blog post entry.  I’m exited about my new website, and I hope those who view it will find it informative and enjoyable.  I want to be entirely clear to anyone who might read this that I AM NOT AN EXPERT!  I have no master gardener certification, and I have no landscaping
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