Sunflower Pavilion

Sunflower Pavilion


I got the idea for creating a sunflower pavilion from my sister, Pam.  I thought it seemed like a fun idea so I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t going to grow any vegetables this year anyway, so I had the extra space.  Since I wanted to grow even more flowers for the pollinators, and sunflowers are favorites for the bees and birds, that was even more motivation.  Maybe I could have a tea party inside or at the very least lay down inside and stare up at the sunflowers as they decked the glorious sky.



It was really easy to get the project going.  I tilled the soil around the perimeter of the bed where I usually plant tomatoes and peppers.  Then I fertilized a bit with manure and sowed several varieties of seed from last year.  As they grew up I thinned them to a good 6 inches apart. Later when some of them grew really tall I had to put up a fence around the perimeter to keep them from caving in.  I allowed one doorway for the entrance.



I later set up a little table inside and then bought a hammock on sale at Fred Meyer.  I have to admit I never did have the tea party I wanted. It was just too unbearably hot all summer, so I wasn’t able to be outside in the garden much during the daytime.  But I did use the hammock a few times.  It was quite pleasurable to lie down on the hammock and gaze up at the cloud adorned blue sky with the sunflowers framing the view.



The best thing about the sunflower pavilion was that it supplied so much nectar for the bees and lots of good seed for the birds all the way into November.  I probably won’t ever do it again, but it was a fun experience.


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