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Red Lentil Squash Soup

Red Lentil and Squash Soup Serves 6-8 Ingredients: 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 large onion 4 – 6 cloves garlic, minced 1 cup diced carrots (two medium carrots) 1 cup diced celery (about 3 stalks) 2 cups roasted winter squash (butternut, acorn, or delicata) 2 cups dried red lentils 8 cups chicken stock (vegetable is
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Swiss Chard & Potatoes in Cumin

Swiss Chard & Potatoes in Cumin Serves 4 – 6 Ingredients: 6 large potatoes, unpeeled, cut into 1” pieces (Yukon Gold or red, or equivalent of a fingerling variety) 2 Tbsp. olive oil 2 Tbsp. sugar, heaping 2 tsp. cumin 1 tsp. salt ΒΌ tsp. cayenne pepper 4 cups chopped up Swiss Chard 1 –
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