Potato Experiment Post #2

Red potatoes in straw

Potato Experiment Post #2

The results are in!  How did the potatoes I planted in the straw turn out compared with the potatoes that were planted on the dirt with straw over them?

Well, had I set the straw potatoes earlier on in the spring, I probably would have gotten a better crop.  I must say, however, that they still produced a good bunch of potatoes, but certainly no more than the ones I set on the ground earlier in the spring.

Two differences were very noticeable between the two.  The potatoes that I set in the straw were a bit brighter in color, maybe because they weren’t in contact with the dirt, and they were actually of rounder shape as the lady in the article said they would be.  As for flavor, it’s hard to say.  Fresh potatoes from the garden are wonderful no matter what.

One concern I have about growing potatoes in straw, however, is that I’m wondering about their nutritional value.  If they don’t absorb nutrients from the soil, and they only have their original spud to get nutrition from, then are they as nutritionally healthy as potatoes grown in contact with the soil?  I’ll have to do more research on that one before I think about trying this method again .  One thing for sure, they we’re very easy to pull up.  It was just a matter of scraping aside the straw to reveal the potatoes.

Straw potatoes on the left

The one thing I regret this year was that I didn’t plant more potatoes.  Next year the new 10 x 10 foot bed by the hay shed will be ready for potatoes, so next fall I shouldn’t be running out so soon.  It’s October 13th now and I only have a few pounds left.  Bummer!  I hate buying potatoes when I could so easily have grown more myself.  Beets are another thing I really hate buying when they are so easy to grow yourself.  I can’t believe that it costs $2.99 for only 3 – 4 organic beets at the store!  Outrageous, especially when they are so easy to grow!

Anyway, so much for the potato experiment.  As always, it’s a learning experience and fun!

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