Happy 2012!

 Happy 2012!  Are you ready yet?

Well, it’s here.  The year that some people anticipate will bring great changes on earth.  I have to admit that I do find the many 2012 theories out there fascinating to ponder.   It’s easy to get caught up in the hype and start to imagine all sorts of incredible scenarios that would end life, or at the very least, change life as we know it dramatically.  Will 2012 bring earth changes in the form of natural disasters?  Will there be disruptive social change due to economic and political crisis? Will there be another great war with nuclear fallout killing millions, perhaps billions?  How many more of the hundreds of nuclear power plants that exist around the world (70 in America) will melt down and allow more radiation to seep into the surrounding environments contaminating human inhabitants and nature?  Will there be some kind of contagion that will kill large populations? Will aliens finally make a definite appearance?  How about zombies? Will a new world order emerge in the wake of these dramatic changes in order to ensure the survival of mankind? If that happens, will the new world order be democratic or fascist?  Good or evil?  Perhaps there will there be a spiritual awakening or the second coming of Christ.  Are Armageddon and the Rapture on the horizon?  As fascinating as these theories are, and some will probably happen, the only thing we know for sure is that we don’t know for sure.   This being said, I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter what happens, whether it’s wonderful or devistating, or whether no great changes occur at all, it never hurt s to be informed and prepared for the worst.

One of my current goals for 2012 is to continue to plan for more preparedness just in case we experience a natural disaster or other crisis that will put our food supply and survival in jeopardy.  I don’t consider this to be a paranoid response to future 2012 threats either, rather I consider it an age old practical response to these very troubling times we’re living in.  If you’re not paying attention to what’s going on in the world and on our planet, then you will be in trouble should economic, political and climatic crisis occur.  Maybe you’ll be safe if you’re a member of the 1%, but if you’re not you need to be prepared.

Let’s face it, it’s always wise to be prepared for surviving natural or economic disasters no matter what condition the world is in politically and economically.  In fact, in light of what is happening in our society at this point in time, I think it’s stupid not to take steps to be prepared.  It’s something that all cultures have had to do for thousands of years, and in many modern cultures it’s routine practice to take measures to protect families and communities in hard times or natural disasters.  Up until this last decade or so, most middle class Americans have lived with a false sense of security believing that help will always be on the way should the worst disasters happen.   I don’t believe this is the case any longer.  There are too many people on the planet, and too many disasters happening for our government, churches  or communities to be able to help out adequately in times of need.  As individuals, we need to take more precautions and be more self reliant.

My approach to 2012 is to continue to be an informed pragmatist.  I don’t think that the three G’s : Guns, Gold and a Gettaway plan is the answer.  To me that is a very unspiritual and self centered response to crisis.  I think that it is important to read and research, pay attention to community, national and world events, and prepare for the worst , but not to allow fear and paranoia to take over our lives.  Continue to have faith and hope in the future, and let love manifest in your life in every way possible.  Continue to do whatever you can to make the world a better place, protect the planet, and help others while still taking steps to prepare for the worst , should it happen.  If survival comes down to each man for himself, then what’s the point of living?  I would change the Three G’s to God, Gardening and Giving . Well, maybe add a gun to that list, but not for shooting people!

The best video I’ve seen so far that shows the many changes that “could” take place and how we should choose to respond to these changes to create a better world can be found on the website called www.awakeningasone.com  The video is called “The Quickening”,  and it’s 1:16 minutes long.  It is very entertaining and thought provoking.  It looks at what our response as human beings on a spiritual level should be to these disasterous world and planetary events.  Instead of responding in fear which pits one group against the other, let’s look at these events as a way to unite as one in LOVE instead of FEAR.  I’d really recommend watching it.  The other two videos are interesting too, “Revelations” and “The Gift”, but of course everything should be taken with a grain of salt. If you’re an atheist or don’t believe in Christ, then these other two videos probably won’t be so relevant for you.

The one doomsday scenario that I believe is the most likely to occur within the next few years is a collapse of our economic systems in this country and globally which may cause unprecedented social disorder.  In fact, if you’re paying attention to national and global events then you know this is already  happening.  In addition to economic collapse, the likelyhood of a natural disaster in Oregon is not at all far fetched either, whether it’s an earthquake, volcanic eruption or extreme flooding from a Tsunami or heavy rainfall.  Flooding has already happened in Oregon this year causing evacuations near the coastal communities of Mapleton and even here in the Marcola area of Springfield and elsewhere.  It makes me wonder about how many of these families were prepared for this kind of weather condition and evacuation.  Look at the damage that has already been done in many other parts of our country and the world.  Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornedos, flooding, tsunamies, droughts, and the list goes on.

With Europe on the verge of recession and bankruptcy, and our country probably headed down the same path,  it’s very plausible that our so called “recovery” will just be the calm before the storm.  Many economists predict that we will relapse into a  worse economic crisis that may lead to the devaluation of the dollar, hyper inflation, sky high gas prices, more lost jobs, lost homes, increased homelessness, etc., etc.  If this is the case then we may be looking at food shortages and civil unrest that would make life very difficult for everyone but the top 1%.  So what is a person to do if this is the future we have in store for us?

Being a self proclaimed backyard farmer with enough space to grow some of my own “quality” food and keep some chickens and rabbits, I’d like to think that my family wouldn’t starve if it were difficult to buy food for a while, but like everyone else, that’s all dependent on whether or not I can keep my job and home.   Still, I plan and prepare as if I will always have my home even if I don’t have a job, so my general priorities are the following:

  1. Store enough food and drinking water to last for at least three – six months initially.
  2. Have all the survivalist items needed for one year and beyond.
  3. Get as educated as possible in self-reliance & survival skills to deal with all natural & economic disaster scenarios.
  4. Learn first aid and have the medical supplies you might need for injuries and diseases.
  5. Learn about self protection should there ever be extreme civil unrest that increases crime and other predatory behaviors.
  6. YES! Get a gun and plenty of ammo and learn how to responsibly protect your family and community should the worst case scenarios occur! Even if you don’t plan to ever use a gun on another human being, it can be a powerful deterrent and can be used to kill meat for eating if you have to.
  7. Discuss with family and friends about what you could do together to help yourselves and your community survive natural disasters or social & economic upheaval.  Some communities are already collaberating together to plan for ways that people can pool their talents and resources to help out in case of emergencies.   This is so smart.

There are hundreds of websites and forum communities out there that provide information and opinions on survivalism and preparedness on the internet, but few of them are as practical and well organized for the average American family as Captain Dave’s at www.cdtactical.com and www.backwoodshome.com has the widest range of practical knowledge information that I have ever seen.

I met these people from Gold Beach, Oregon at the Good Earth Home Show this month in Eugene, and I was very impressed with their publications and what they are doing in Gold Beach.  I can’t believe I have never heard about them before.  They’ve been publishing Backwoods Home Magazine: Practical Ideas for Self-Reliant Living for over 20 years.  The content of their magazines and other publications are packed full of every kind of article imaginable that pertains to self-reliant living and survivalism as well as political and economic analysis.  I immediately subscribed to the bi-monthly magazine and bought some past anthology issues that I will bury myself in for the next several weeks.

Captain Dave offers a comprehensive and extremely interesting “how to” website on survivalism. It covers a wide range of survival topics and doesn’t come off as fanatic as many of the other ones I’ve seen.  Captain Dave gives sound advice and very practical instructions and guidance. His website isn’t cluttered with advertising (one of my pet peeves) and it’s well organized.

This website  (Survival and Self-Reliance Studies Insitute) is quite comprehensive and is loaded with links.  It’s one of those website you could stay on for days just linking to all the other sites searching for endless amounts of information on self-reliance and survivalism.  Easy to get lost, but interesting.

I like websites like this because it is more down home.  If you want to know more about “the lost art of basic human survival”, the knowledge that our ancestors had to know to survive, then this site has some good articles and some good links, especially if you have enough space to grow your own food and have a few chickens.

A list of links to disaster forums, endless shopping sites, endless articles & lists, and an overwhelming amount of advertising may be helpful to some people, but I feel that a lot of these websites are overwhelming and full of confusing choices, fanatical ideas and fear mongering.  Not all of them offer a wide range of topics that are laid out in a practical and organized way for an average American family.  I’d rather spend my time in my garden than on the internet, so I need practical advice that I can put into practice easily like the kind found at www.backwoodshome.com .

Personally, I don’t fear the future should some of these crises occur.  I wouldn’t even feel a need to be that prepared if I didn’t have a child to protect.  But since I do, and I care about my family, friends and community, that is why I choose to be prepared for survival in case the worst case scenarios do happen.  If they don’t, great!  If they do, then I won’t be taken off guard and have to react in a panic mode like 95% of the rest of humanity.   In the meantime, my advice is that we all pray for peace and healing for all the planet, and I hope everyone gives more thought to serving others and not just living life for oneself.   I believe we are all essentially spirit, and our goal is to find our way back to our real home which is with the Creator in spirit.  I look forward to that time in our evolution.  Until then, we live here on earth, and we need to make the best of it while we’re figuring things out!


Peace & Love to everyone in 2012!


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