Garden Renewal

New Fountain in Herb Garden

 When I first got this website up and running last year with its initial content, my intention was simply to be a neighbour, sharing my gardening ideas and my experiences with family & friends as I went along.  I will never claim to be an expert gardener or backyard farmer, and what works for me may not work for others.  Everyone is different and every garden is different.  All I want to do with this website is share my own experiences and ideas and provide something similar to a neighbourhood garden tour so that others might find a little inspiration for their own backyard farming and/or gardening.  Not everyone can get out and attend garden tours, and the cost of magazines and books adds up, so the multitude of gardening and food growing websites are a great resource for gardening tips and backyard farming information, and it’s free!  Someday I hope my website will be a helpful resource to others the way others have been for me.       

My New Hens

Since my last post a lot has happened to side track me from developing my website further and put the time in for writing posts.  My mother passed on from Alzheimer’s in February, and all kinds of family issues and other life events dominated my time and slowed down my motivation this year.  Along with my own personal trials, I’ve been allowing the growing economic and social unrest in the world, and in our own country, effect me negatively and shadow my reality with gloom and doom.  Apparently I’m not alone.  Many people I talk to seem to be having similar feelings.  It’s affected the faith I normally have in the future, and I have to say that I am ready for this feeling to STOP!        

No matter what the future may bring, when you’re working in the soil growing things, you’re working in the moment to create something that will endure tomorrow.  The garden and nature is the closest I can get to heaven on earth.  For me gardening and growing food and flowers is investing environmentally and emotionally in the future, and it helps me achieve a more transcendent view of life, even if it’s just for a moment or a day.  Being involved in the growing cycle and seasons is the way to participate in the affirmation and continuation of life, even if you know that your life could end tomorrow, or the world as we know it could come to a screeching halt.  So, enough doom & gloom!  Let’s get on with building the future and taking care of our planet one garden at a time!       

Garden Visitor

This year I’ve been trying many new things in my backyard farming life.  I’ve expanded my vegetable beds, grown new foods, planted another apple and pear tree, learned new growing techniques, raised new chickens, built a shed, learned to save more varieties of seed, experimented with more food preservation, used a food dehydrator, dried more herbs, dug out old cement pathways & begun laying new brick ones,  learned about food storage, read more, and tried lots of other things.   I’ve also been taking more photos to share, so I think now is the time to continue with my posts, and hopefully this winter I’ll even get more of my favorite family recipes up.   Hey, if that’s not being optimistic, and looking forward to the future I don’t know what is!        

Wish me luck!

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