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Mason Bees Spring 2014

Mason Bees Spring 2014   Yesterday, to my delight, I observed a flurry of mason bee activity happening in the mason bee house I put up 13 days ago on the side of the shed near the two plum trees.  It is so gratifying to see that the cocoons I cleaned myself from last year’s
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A Bee Happy Garden

Creating a Bee Happy Garden  A priority for me this year was to grow more plants and flowers that would attract bees to my garden, not only for pollination, but also to provide a safe sanctuary where bees could gather nectar and pollen in an environment that didn’t have any toxins in it.   I think
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Mason Bees Post #1

Mason Bees The time has come to embark on a new adventure in the garden, and that adventure is… Mason Bees! I’m starting two new projects this year, and this one is the easier of the two.  The other project I am preparing for will be growing medicinal herbs which will require quite a bit
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