Monthly Archives: March, 2014

The Garden’s Golden Glow

The Garden’s Golden Glow  See the sun descending towards the cloud speckled horizon, Casting its golden glow of amber over my evening garden, Illuminating hues not recognized during the daytime When the light is so stark and a hat is needed for protection. Hear the stillness rising as the rumblings of street traffic slowly subside,
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The Garden as a Metaphor for Love & Relationships

The Garden as a Metaphor for Love and Relationships One of my friends is preparing for marriage, so in honor of a party we had for her where we presented her with a marriage basket, I got inspired to write about the garden as a metaphor for love and relationships.  I’ve been thinking about writing
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Mason Bees Spring 2014

Mason Bees Spring 2014   Yesterday, to my delight, I observed a flurry of mason bee activity happening in the mason bee house I put up 13 days ago on the side of the shed near the two plum trees.  It is so gratifying to see that the cocoons I cleaned myself from last year’s
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