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Hens Eating Their Own Eggs – Part Two

Hens Eating Their Own Eggs – Part Two My hens are no longer eating their own eggs.   In the previous post on Hens Eating Their Eggs Again I outlined the steps I would take to prevent this carnivorous practice that my hens began to engage in.  It started after I had to lock them into
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Introducing Chicks to the Flock

Introducing New Chicks to the Existing Flock Not everyone has the options available to them to introduce new chicks to their existing urban flock in a way that will minimize bullying and henpecking by the older hens.  Fortunately, the method I used couldn’t have been more successful.  After what I had heard and read about,
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Summer Garden 2012 Part Three

Summer Garden 2012 Part Three This is the third part in my series of posts describing the progression of my garden areas from the first spring planting to harvest time during the 2012 growing season.   As of August 1st, you can see by the photos that after two – three months my garden is exploding
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