Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Tulips and Other Thoughts

Springtime Tulips & Other Thoughts As usual, it’s hard to find time to write about my garden when I only want to spend time in it, especially in April when so much growth and change is occurring.  I’m compelled to be outside whenever possible just to keep up and stay on top of my projects
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My Favorite Spring Flowers Every spring I look forward to seeing my daffodils bloom.  They are the first legitimate sign of spring for me, even though the crocuses bloom before they do and the primroses have been out since January.  Even if the rain continues relentlessly and the snow still layers the ground, the daffodils
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My New Chicken Coop

Out with the Old and in with the New Unlike my new green house that turned out to be a disappointment in some respects, my new chicken coop has so far turned out to be a great choice.   It is beautiful, functional and very durable.  It will weather extreme snow fall, and the wind storm
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