Monthly Archives: November, 2011

What’s Still Growing in the Garden?

It’s November 9th today, and up until now we’ve only had slight frost a couple nights, so many of my plants and flowers are still producing, even if it’s not much.  Before pulling up some of my vegetable plants to get the beds ready for the winter I thought it would be interesting to take some
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Clipping Chicken Wings to Prevent Flying

Cutting Chicken Wings  Before I had chickens, I didn’t know that they could fly so high.  They can’t fly very far, maybe twenty – thirty feet if they start from a higher position, but some breeds can fly high enough to escape over 6 foot fences when they’re younger and lighter, as my two Bantams
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A Composting Lifestyle

I had meant to get this post up last spring but forgot.  It goes into more detail about my composting methods than the previous one.  Better late than never, so here it is now.  I used to regard composting as a cumbersome task, but eventually I got the hang of it, and now it’s become a natural
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