Monthly Archives: October, 2011

Herb Gardens & Drying Herbs

Growing most herbs is easy, uncomplicated, and one of the least stressful plants in the garden to harvest.  With fruits and vegetables there is such a narrow window of time when you either need to harvest and eat them or preserve them before they spoil.  With most herbs you just cut them, hang ‘em up to
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Coffee Grounds

COFFEE GROUNDS are one of the amendments I add to my compost and I also use them in other areas of my garden for different purposes.  A good general article on coffee grounds can be found at this link:      I’ve been getting my grounds from a coffee hut down the road that sells organic
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Hanging Herbs

Growing and drying herbs is one of the most satisfying activities a gardener can do.  Herbs are easy to grow, and they require so little effort to preserve compared to canning and other types of food preservation.  Herbs are essential to the art of cooking and enjoyment of eating.  If you grow your own herbs you can save money
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