Monthly Archives: October, 2010

Before Planting

 I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get my property checked for underground pipes and cables.  First thing I did was go out and mark with a spray can the areas where I wanted to dig my holes.  Then I dialed 811 which connected me to the national switchboard, which then routed me to
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“When the soil disappears, the soul disappears.” ~Ymber Delecto Soil is the source of everything.  Soil, earth, dirt, planet earth, however we choose to refer to it, the earth and soil are sacred. If we kill the soil, we destroy the planet and ourselves.  If we protect and nurture the soil with proper nutrients, no chemicals, water and clean air, then the planet will
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Autumn Lethargy

Fall is here already and the days are getting shorter.  Soon it will be dark when I rise in the mornings, and when I arrive home from work.  No more meditative morning strolls in my garden, and minimal sun rays after work.  The light deprivation is already taking its toll.  Like a lot of people
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