About Me

Let me tell you a little more about myself so you’ll get a better idea of who I am and why I put up this website. My name is Jan, and I live in Springfield, Oregon.  My life basically evolves around my family, friends, work and of course my current passion for the last 13 years which is organic gardening and backyard farming.  Where I live now is my first home.  It’s about a 1/3 of an acre and is zoned as a double lot, so I have a lot of yard to play in.

It was always my dream to live in an old fashioned home and have a big garden where I could grow things.  When this place fell into my lap, it felt like my destiny was being realized.  I started out learning about organic gardening, and my initial goals were very simple; just grow veggies, fruits and flowers and create a beautiful park like setting where my child could have a place to grow up, play in and be happy.  Since that time my goals have expanded to incompass even grander plans, and now my dream is to try to create a landscape that not only is beautiful and appeals to my asthetic senses, but one that also reflects my passion about the environment, sustainable agriculture, conservation, perma-culture, cooking & food preservation, nature, animals, and all the values that are important to me.  Another goal of mine is to create a sanctuary where I can experience peace, harmony, joy, and a spiritual setting that inspires contemplation and revelation; a space where I can escape many of the aspects of the busy and commercialized American culture that bother and destract me from the spiritual.

I also wanted to do a website because it’s a creative way for me to journal and to share my ideas, photos and experiences with family, friends and neighbors.  It’s also a way to spread the word about some of the subjects I’m interested in, and hopefully I can be just one more resource for others who are also interested in backyard farming and who may just be starting out and looking for ideas and inspiration.  As I will say repeatedly, I don’t pretend to be an expert, rather I just consider myself a neighbor who has a garden she likes to share with others, and that is how I want me and my website to be regarded.  If you want expert advice and instruction, there are plenty of books out there you can buy and an endless supply of resources on the internet to go to.

So, once again I want to welcome you to my world of backyard farming, and I hope that you will visit me from time to time to read my posts and take a look at what I’m doing, and that you will share some of your ideas with me.  Feel free to email me at info@livinginthegarden.net .  I may not always have the time to respond immediately, but I will try my best.

Thank you for visiting my website, and have a great day!

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