In My Kitchen Oct. 2013

Welcome to my garden journal, Living in the Garden. I started this website journal a few years ago when I decided I needed a way to track and record what I was doing in my garden.   It also gave me an outlet for writing and some online space to display some of my photos and save some recipes.  A side benefit that I didn’t expect was how much it would require me to do a lot more study on the projects that I get involved in that pertain to the world of backyard urban farming.  Consequently, I’ve learned a lot more about a variety of subjects that I never thought I would when I started out.

Another aspect of keeping an online journal like this one is that it will hopefully always be here in the future for my kids, or whoever else might live in this house later and want to continue this kind of lifestyle.  If they do then they’ll have a lot of history and information available to them about this house and how I’ve developed the property. Hopefully, they will benefit from my mistakes and all the trial and error learning I’ve experienced here.

If anyone other than my family or friends happens to stumble upon my online garden journal looking for more ideas and encouragement in the areas of organic gardening, perma-culture, sustainable living, raising chickens in the city, self-reliant living, herbs, etc…, then I hope you’ll find my journal posts interesting, helpful and visually appealing.  It’s unusual to find websites online that aren’t trying to sell something and aren’t cluttered with advertising, so that in itself might be very pleasing for a change.  I may start selling some things in the future, if I ever get the time to resume my art and craft projects, but for now it’s just not going to happen because of time limitations.

If you would like to leave any comments, please feel free to do so.  You can contact me at to share your ideas and suggestions and share some of your own experiences.  Together we can support each other and our communities by creating a healthier planet one garden at a time.

“Be the change you wish
to see in the World”
~ Ghandi



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